Other services

Corporate Sales

Whether you wish to merge or buy, you must take the time to identify strategic sectors and organizations, make initial contact and assess business opportunities. To help save you time and effort, Our consultants will provide all the support you are likely to need through the corporate sales, merger or purchase process.

Business financing


Whether you want to conclude a financial transaction or implement a project, our consultants are better positioned to help you secure the financing you need from financial institutions, venture capital firms and government agencies. Our solutions:

  • Evaluation of market potential – market study
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business plan, strategic and financial planning

A.S. Business Center

A.S. BUSINESS CENTER is a multi-specialized firm that offers full integrated solutions to individuals, self-employed, startups, and established businesses in Ontario and Quebec. We provide guidance in tackling business challenges, modeling strategies, and bringing business visions to life.