Taxation Services

Key features

Paperwork often gets in the way of growing and nurturing your business. That is where we come in. At A.S accounting services and tax services, you can leave that paperwork to one of our tax accountants and get back to focus on what’s really important.


Our consultants can help you meet your objectives by structuring your business as effectively as possible.

Our solutions

1. Maximization of credits and deductions

2. Development of tax deferral mechanisms

3. Preparation and Efile of T2

4. Help with CRA Audits


Regardless of our age, our activity and our income, income taxes are still a sensitive topic for everyone. However,
they are a reality we cannot avoid, which means we might as well do it as effectively as possible!

Our solutions

1. Maximization of credits and deductions

2. Preparation and Efile of T1

3. Help with CRA Audits

4. Advice on various registered savings plans

5. Income splitting


 Commodity and other taxes

When it comes to HST, QST and other taxes, errors arising from poorly completed reports can often lead to significant
penalties and interest. An incorrect interpretation of laws, an error in applicable tax rates or an inadequate accounting
system can result in government claims.

Our solutions

1. Organizational analyses

2. Applicable tax rates based on products and clients

3. Application of tax credits available on purchases

4. Discussion with representatives of government departments

5. Adjustments needed for efficient data processing

6. Accurate and reliable reports